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Quest for a Notes app

2023-02-20 #opensource #workflow #rant

My hunt for a plain markdown capable Notes app is stopped. Why was I searching a good notes app to fit my workflow even though there are countless offline and online notes available?


Libadwaita Without Adwaita

2023-01-17 #linux #opensource #gnome

While GNOME is moving to Libadwaita with the help of Purism (sure they need to be acknowledged), themeing has surely lessened, but people still use some hacks.


Appreciation post for my sister

2022-12-18 #casual #storytime

Though we have an age gap of about 6 years, I still kinda think that we enjoyed a similar kind of childhood, dispered by some differences as well. continue...

Weird trend in school

2022-12-03 #casual #nostalgia #storytime

How can bringing thread into school almost become illegal?


Upgrading firmware in Linux using fwupd

2022-11-14 #linux #opensource

Want to upgrade your PC or laptop's firmware but don't want to use Windows?